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Teen Video Production

A great way for teens to learn proper technique and fundamentals of screenwriting, video production and editing. Students write, shoot, produce and edit a complete original narrative short film during the 8 sessions, held Saturdays or Sundays from 10 AM-3 PM. 

New sessions start the first weekend of every month. 
Registration and payment of $995 are due ten days in advance.
You'll learn the structure of a screenplay as you write your own short original script. The screenwriting module teaches the steps necessary to bring your creative vision to the elements of story, plot, character, dialogue and scene structure.

Using a digital video camera, you'll learn its functions, practice camera movement and conduct scene set-ups. You'll also learn how to use lighting and sound to bring your vision to the screen. DIRECTING You'll learn how to break down a script, develop a shot list, block and cover scenes and work with actors.

You'll learn how to plan and schedule the shoot; learn about different crew positions and how to work with a crew, and work on a set as you shoot your project.  

Using our computers and Final Cut Pro editing software, you'll learn fundamental editing techniques and get a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro functions.
This is a Certificate Progam. Certificates will be awarded to those students who successfully complete the assigned work and who attend at least 80% of the class hours. At the end of the program, students will have a portfolio consisting of the script they wrote and a DVD of the group project that the class collaborated on.

Tuition for the Teen Video Production Program is $995. Filmtech accepts payment by check or credit card. Registration and payment must be completed by the deadline listed above. Use PayPal below to pay by credit card. IF YOU PAY BY CREDIT CARD, A $30 REGISTRATION FEE WILL BE ADDED.
To avoid this fee, pay by check by contacting us at

Teen Video Production

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All works created by Filmtech students in conjunction with a Filmtech course are the property of the student. However, Filmtech reserves the right to use portions of the work for marketing and promotional purposes.

No refund will be made once the program starts. No Certificate will be awarded if a student withdraws at any time before the Program is completed.