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This full-immersion program gives you in-depth education in all aspects of video production and the skills you need to produce your own project. You'll learn everything from screenwriting and cinematography to directing, producing and editing. Students work together as a crew to shoot the digital video projects. During the program you write two of your own scripts and produce two video projects in collaboration as a class. 

Within the first few weeks of the program, you write your first screenplay and produce the first short video project as you begin to lay the foundation for producing the second, longer-form script and project. Throughout the 15 weeks, you build on what you've learned and continue to go more in-depth into the filmmaking process as you write and produce the longer-form project. Filmtech provides all the camera, light and sound gear you need to complete your projects, including use of our computers with Final Cut Pro editing software.

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Class sessions:
There is one 3-hour class per day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Classes run either 11AM-2PM, 3-6PM or 7-10PM.

2019 Program Start Dates:

May 6: Registration and tuition payment due by April 1.
September 9: Registration and tuition payment due by August 1. 


The foundation of any film or video project is the screenplay, whether it is an original work or adapted from a book or play. The screenwriting module takes you through the steps necessary to write an original screenplay and, as a filmmaker, bring your creative vision to the elements of story, plot, character, dialogue and scene structure. Students write a 3-4-page script for the first project and a script of up to ten pages for the second project.


Capturing light is the essence of the moving picture process and sets the art form apart from others. The cinematography module introduces you to the foundations of cinematography through the exploration of the camera, digital and film formats, camera movement, lighting theory, filtration and lenses. As your projects become more complex and you continue to develop your visual style, you'll learn about the tech scout, assembling an equipment list and prepping gear, all you need to know from pre-production to post.

The director is responsible for calling the shots on the set and making all creative decisions involved with the production. You'll learn how to break down a script, develop a shot list, block and cover scenes. As the program progresses, you'll gain practice in developing a visual aesthetic with a cinematographer, lighting scenes, setting up shots and designing camera movements, directing actors and making editorial decisions.  


A well-organized and efficient production is crucial to maintaining a smooth-running set and delivering a product on time and on budget, whether it's a short or feature. Filmtech's Producing module takes you through the steps of property acquisition, development, funding and rights. You'll learn about budgeting, including union and line costs, accounting, script breakdown and scheduling; hiring, overseeing and managing a crew, running a set, post-production, marketing and distribution. 


This is a Certificate Progam. Certificates will be awarded to those students who successfully complete the assigned work and who attend at least 80 % of the class hours. At the end of the program, students will have a portfolio consisting of the two scripts they wrote and a DVD of the two group projects that the class collaborated on.


Tuition for the program is $5,900. Filmtech accepts payment by check, money order or credit card. Registration and payment must be completed by the deadline. Contact us at for more information. .

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All students must be 18 years of age by the start date of the program. A high school diploma or GED is required. A telephone or in-person interview and visit to the school is suggested. Attendance of all class sessions is critical to getting the full educational value out of a class. For this reason, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded only to students who attend at least 80% of class hours. All works created by Filmtech students in conjunction with a Filmtech course are the property of the student. However, Filmtech reserves the right to use all or portions of student work for marketing, promotional and other purposes.

No refund or credit will be given after tuition payment is made. No Certificate will be awarded if a student withdraws at any time before the Program is completed.

Filmtech offers a financing program for the 15-Week Program. A valid credit card number is required to secure the loan. Here's how the financing works:
15-Week Program Tuition: $5,900
First Payment due by registration deadline: $1,900
Tuition Balance Financed: $4,000. We add an 8% finance charge to this balance ($320), bringing the total due to $4,320.
We divide that total by four, and each payment ($1,080) is due the first day of each month of the program, beginning with the first day of the month the program starts. The $1,080 monthly payment amount is based on paying with a check. If you make your monthly payments with a credit card, we add a 5% credit card processing fee, bringing the total due each month to $1,134.