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12-week evening video production program
This program is ideal for those who have to balance filmmaking with other responsibilities. Designed for students with little or no filmmaking experience, the program meets three evenings a week from 7:00-9:30PM. Projects are shot on weekends. The Evening Program gives students the instruction they need while allowing them to fulfill other obligations during the work week. All classes are geared toward providing the building blocks needed to create an original video project.

The first six weeks are devoted to the study of screenwriting, directing, camera operation, cinematography and editing. To apply the concepts you learn in class, students write, produce, direct and edit short film exercises using digital video cameras and Final Cut Pro editing software. In the second six weeks, each student writes, directs, shoots and edits a short video of up to five minutes.

The foundation of any film or video project is the screenplay. The screenwriting module takes you through the steps necessary to write an original screenplay and, as a filmmaker, bring your creative vision to the elements of story, plot, character, dialogue and scene structure.

Capturing light is the essence of the moving picture process and sets the art form apart from others. The cinematography module introduces you to the foundations of cinematography through the exploration of the camera, digital formats, camera movement, lighting theory and camera operation. You'll learn about the tech scout, assembling an equipment list and prepping gear, all you need to know from pre-production to post.

The director is responsible for calling the shots on the set and making all creative decisions involved with the production. You'll learn how to break down a script, develop a shot list, block and cover scenes. As the program progresses, you'll gain practice in lighting scenes, setting up shots, designing camera movements and making editorial decisions.    
Session start dates:

Sessions for this program begin the first Monday of each month. Registration and payment are due at least ten days in advance. 

Certificates will be awarded to those students who successfully complete the assigned work and who attend at least 80% of the class hours. At the end of the program, students will receive a DVD of their work.

Tuition for the program is $3,500. Registration and payment must be completed by the deadline.

No tuition refunds will be given within 7 days of the program start date. 

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All students must be 18 years of age by the start date of the program. A high school diploma or GED is required. All works created by Filmtech students in conjunction with a Filmtech course are the property of the student. However, Filmtech reserves the right to use all or portions of student work for marketing, promotional and other purposes.